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Orgain is a company committed to creating the world’s healthiest nutritional products. Featuring an extensive line of organic protein powders and ready-to-drink shakes, Orgain uses only the highest quality certified organic food-based ingredients to create products that provide healthy, sustainable nutrition at home and on-the-go. With every product we make, we have one goal: to provide the best and most delicious nutrition to help people gain health, gain energy and gain the most out of life.

Dr. Andrew Abraham, Orgain's founder, has made formulating clean, delicious nutrition products his life’s work. Following his cancer diagnosis at a young age, he made it his mission to formulate a drink that would make a difference in people's health. It had to be certified organic, lower in sugar, high in organic protein, and also be free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colorings. After much work and research, and a lot of time spent in the kitchen working with real organic ingredients, Orgain® Nutrition Shakes were born.

Today, the Orgain line includes plant-based protein powder, grass-fed whey protein, and delicious nutritional shakes for kids and vegans. 

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Dr. Andrew Abraham and The Orgain Story

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    Orgain’s New Shake Provides a High Protein, Plant-Based Option On-The-Go

    Anaheim, Calif. (March 10, 2017) – Orgain, makers of high-quality, doctor-developed nutritional products, is launching the first 21g organic, plant based protein shake at Expo West together with the company’s new logo and packaging refresh.

    As the plant-based trend grows, with 55 percent of Americans saying they plan to eat more plant-based foods*, the new shake meets the needs of consumers looking for convenient, high-protein, plant-based options. Orgain has proven expertise in developing plant-based products that deliver on nutrition as well as taste with a wide product portfolio of plant-based protein options including organic plant based protein powders and vegan protein shakes.

    Orgain is proud to be sampling this groundbreaking product launch – the first ever high protein shake that is 100 percent plant based, USDA Certified Organic with zero grams of sugar and no artificial sweeteners. It is the only shake of its kind, and is the ready-to-drink version of Orgain’s best-selling plant-based protein powders. Beginning in April 2017, the creamy and delicious 21g plant-based shakes will be available in Vanilla Bean and Smooth Chocolate flavors at Whole Foods Market, and The Vitamin Shoppe locations nationwide.

    “We are thrilled to introduce our new plant-based shake at Expo. It has been a personal goal of mine to create a delicious, high protein, plant-based shake made of organic, clean, ingredients,” said company founder and physician, Andrew Abraham MD. Abraham explained that, in doing so, Orgain was relentless about overcoming the grit and bitterness typical of many plant-based proteins. “We are incredibly proud of the taste and texture of this shake, which packs 21g of plant-based protein per serving. Whether you’re looking for a healthy, vegan meal replacement or a convenient pre or post workout boost, this product is designed to help you meet your fitness and lifestyle goals.”

    Product features:

    • 21g plant-based pea protein
    • USDA Certified Organic
    • Zero grams of sugar and no artificial sweeteners
    • 100% vegan, gluten-free and Non-GMO
    • Smooth and delicious

    A New Look

    The new 21g organic plant-based shakes will be Orgain’s first product to feature the new logo and package design that the company is rolling out this year. “With the help of great design partners, we’ve been pursuing a packaging and logo refresh to bring a cleaner, more impactful design to amplify our presence on shelf and online,” Dr. Abraham says. “Our new logo and look confidently convey Orgain’s passion and purpose to create delicious, clean nutrition products to help people live healthy, vibrant lives.” The new logo was created by Bright Design (Marina Del Rey, CA) and expanded into packaging and identity by Honeymoon (Boulder, CO) in partnership with Nyah LLC (North Carolina).
    All attendees are invited to visit booth number # 2302 to sample Orgain’s creamy 21g plant-based protein shake and to preview the brand’s fresh, new look and feel. The company will be exhibiting at Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA from March 10-12th.

    About Orgain
    Founded in 2008, Orgain® makes delicious organic nutritional products including nutrition shakes, protein shakes and protein powders to help people lead healthy, vibrant lives. Orgain was created by Dr. Andrew Abraham, whose own experience seeking high-quality organic nutrition during his cancer treatment years ago inspired him to develop products for active people in need of great-tasting wholesome nourishment on the go. Available online and in 30,000 stores nationally, Orgain is perfect for busy lifestyles, weight management and fitness training/recovery. Learn more at

    Contact: Jessica Vitale
    Crafted Communications

    *Wakefield Research



    How a Cancer Diagnosis Inspired Me to Heal Others

    By Dr. Andrew Abraham

    As a 17-year-old, I worried about my tennis matches and college choices, the last thing on my mind was cancer. One minute I was suiting up to play on my tennis team, and the next, I was wearing a hospital gown with a grim diagnosis: Rhabdomyosarcoma - a cancer of the connective tissue and muscle tissue. I went from being an active teenager with the world ahead of me, to beginning a year-long journey to beat this disease. Oddly enough, it turned out that cancer was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Having cancer changed my lifestyle, my diet, my thinking and my life’s work.

    As a teenaged boy with cancer, losing my hair was tough, but losing 20 lbs. made me look and feel like a patient. I was dangerously thin and needed to gain weight and build energy, but had absolutely no appetite. Nutrition became one of my biggest challenges. I began reading everything I could on nutrition – over 100 books – and I learned how what I ate could have a direct impact on my health. The doctor suggested conventional liquid nutrition shakes (you know the ones) and I began drinking them multiple times a day. After a few weeks with no change in my weight or energy, I read the bottle’s ingredient label and was horrified to see that these drinks contained nearly every bad ingredient my research on good nutrition told me to avoid.  It was beyond eye-opening – it was a huge lightbulb moment. How could I get well if I wasn’t putting the very best nutrition into my body? From that day on I made a radical change. I started making my own shakes daily, replacing all the bad ingredients in traditional nutrition drinks with healthy, organic ones. My mom was a huge help, vising our local health food store to buy nutritious ingredients like organic carbohydrates, protein, fruits and vegetables. After a few weeks, I started to notice a remarkable improvement in my energy and I started to regain much needed weight, and the only thing that had changed in my treatment was the addition of these homemade nutrition shakes. I gained about 20 pounds and my energy and strength slowly returned. It was all thanks to nutrient dense foods.

    I went on to choose a career in medicine, hoping to focus on disease prevention, not just disease treatment. In medical school, I was disappointed that my nutrition course was just two weeks long and the focus on integrative health was minimal. While I knew first-hand that what we put in our bodies fuels our wellness, that fact seemed woefully undervalued by the medical profession. After I began practicing medicine, I found myself seeking healthy nutrition drinks to recommend to my patients, but still found the market lacking in anything wholesome and truly nutritious.  I couldn’t in good conscience recommend the brands that were available, based on my own experience. Instead, I asked my patients to make their own drinks which were healthier but time intensive, and compliance was low. I had one of those defining moments when I realized that I wanted to fill a void in the market and create nutritional products that were truly healthy, delicious and convenient. Once I had the idea to create this product, I couldn’t wait another second.  I know that, as a doctor, I could help maybe 30 people a day, but through this product I felt sure that I could help thousands a day.  My wife (a holistic nutritionist), and I worked day and night to develop recipes for clean protein products that were organic, non-GMO and made with the healthiest and highest quality ingredients.

    Today, my company Orgain is one of the fastest-growing organic nutrition companies in the country. I’m humbled by the success but grateful that it means I can help so many people.  And I’ve learned a lot along the way. Three things stand out, that I believe anyone can apply to their own lives. For one thing, hard work and passion outweigh talent – there were plenty of people who were more talented or more experienced than I was, but not many that would work as hard or care as much. Second, be purpose driven – no matter what you are doing if you focus on material goals, it’s far more difficult to succeed. If you focus on your purpose and the impact you want to have in the world, the rest of it naturally falls into place.  And third, be kind.  It sounds so simple, but is often overlooked and goes so far, in business and in life.

     What gives me the most joy as a cancer survivor, doctor and entrepreneur is reading and responding to the numerous calls and emails from Orgain users who share their personal journeys – whether medical, fitness, or just getting great nutrition into their busy lives. I am so touched that this company that came from my own personal experience is helping so many people live healthy, vibrant lives. Cancer forever changed me. It fueled my determination and passion to see food as fuel and the belief that we all have the power to take positive steps to lead our healthiest lives.


  • Orgain Organic Protein Powder
    Organic Vegan Protein Powder that Truly Tastes Great!...

  • We don't usually like to brag, but we think Orgain plant-based protein is truly the best protein powder available. Unlike most plant-based protein powders, it isn't gritty or tasteless. It dissolves easily in your favorite smoothie, almond milk, or even water, and it's delicious.

    With 21g of ORGANIC protein, 5g of fiber, and no added sugar, each serving is a healthy and delicious energy boost to help you power through a workout or just a busy day. 

  • Orgain Organic 21g Plant Based Shake
    NEW! 21 Gram Plant Powered High Protein Shakes...

  • We can't wait until you try the ONE and ONLY 21g, 100% plant based, organic high protein shake with ZERO grams of sugar and ZERO artificial sweeteners.

    It is a mouth full and you heard us right. Now available in Vanilla Bean and Smooth Chocolate, this plant powered shake is a delicious, super smooth way to get your protein any time of day. Whether you are looking for a healthy, vegan meal replacement or a convenient pre or post workout boost, this is the product designed to help you meet your fitness and lifestyle goals. It is ultra clean, ultra delicious, protein packed and made for you.

  • Orgain Organic Nutrition Shake
    Organic Nutritional Shakes...

  • Our organic nutritional shakes are great for:

    • Weight Management: Make your calories count with a protein shake under 260 calories!
    • Meal Replacement: A ready to drink protein & nutrition shake that will help fuel your day.
    • Medical Needs: Organic nourishment at its best to help you build energy and strength.

    Whether you are strength training, a busy professional, on a health journey or a mom on-the-go, our organic nutrition shakes serve up complete organic nutrition that will leave you feeling energized and satisfied. And they are delicious, too. 

  • Orgain Organic Nutrition Plant Based Shake
    All-in-One Nutrition and Protein Shake for Vegans…
    and Really, Everyone Else Too!...

  • Our Vegan Protein Shakes are great for anyone managing their weight or looking for an easy, all-in-one organic meal replacement full of vitamins and nutrients – that tastes great. One, ready-to-drink vegan shake contains 16g of organic protein, an organic fruit and veggie blend, organic brown rice, hemp, chia and flax! What doesn’t it have? Soy, gluten and GMOs.

    If you're looking for a dairy free protein shake to help fuel your day, we think you've just found it.

  • Orgain Kids™ Protein Shakes
    Doctor Developed Kids Nutrition You can TRUST...

  • Orgain Kids™ Protein Shakes provide a delicious and healthy alternative to conventional nutrition shakes, which contain genetically modified soy, artificial flavors and preservatives. (No thanks!)

    With 8g of organic protein and 21 vitamins and minerals, including a fruit and veggie blend, our Kids Protein drinks offer health benefits that hold up to mom’s standards with a taste kids love.

    Great for an afterschool pick-me-up, to pop into lunch boxes or for a quick, on-the-go breakfast... this is really kids nutrition at its best.

  • Orgain Plant Based Protein Shake
    Orgain® Plant Based Protein Shakes are the first ever 21g protein shake that is 100% plant based, USDA Certified Organic with 0g sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Great for consumers looking for a convenient, high-protein, plant-based option....

  • Orgain® Plant Based Protein Shakes are the ready-to-drink version of Orgain’s best-selling plant-based protein powders. Each 100% vegan shake contains 21g plant-based pea protein, only 150 calories and is gluten-free and non-GMO with zero grams of sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

    Whether your patients/clients are looking for a healthy, plant-based protein shake or a convenient pre or post workout boost, the creamy and delicious shakes are designed to help them meet their health, fitness and lifestyle goals. Available in Vanilla Bean and Smooth Chocolate flavors. Available nationwide at Whole Foods Market, The Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon and