RLB (Rear Light Bar) Chase Lights/Whips

Shingle Springs,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: C-924-SS

RLB, Home of the "Original" All-In-One Rear Chase Light Bar

RLB, Rear Light Bar is home to the "Original" All-In-One rear chase LED light bar. RLB specializes in 100% completely Plug N Play chase lights with our compatible UTV pigtails. Our pigtails are available for all UTV make and models, including Polaris, CanAm, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Textron, and soon the new Speed UTV. We have universal mounting brackets in all sizes from 1" to 3" to fit any cage. Light Bars available in 18", 22", 30", and 36". 

Our military inspired "Ballistic" LED whips are Bluetooth capable, dance/chase to music, and change to any color or strobe pattern. Available in 3' and 5'.

Intruducing our newest product of 2020, the PRO8 Programmable Switch Panel Power System. The PRO8 has 6 programmable function on an 8-switch panel, 100A in-line main fuse, 40 Amps relay, and 8 circuits rated at 30A. Rivals competitors in function, but exceeds in quality, serviceability, and at an unbeatable price!   

Come check out our Dual-Color Chase lights, Whips, Switch panel, Rock Lights, and accessories. 

Brands: Rear LED Chase Lights, LED Whips, Flag Whips, Electronic Switch Panels, Rock Lights, Plug N Play UTV Pigtails, and Universal Mounting Brackets