Bad Dog Tools

Bristol,  RI 
United States
  • Booth: IN-1258-SS

Since 1988, tools so good we guarantee 'em for life!

For 32 years we've been making specialty and multi-purpose tools for cutting and drilling that are so good we guarantee 'em for life. Multi-purpose Bits drill materials from hardened steel crankshaft to chrome trim to fiberglass fenders to plastic bumpers. Rover Bits sidecut or drill flat-bottomed holes in carbon fiber - great for adding all those aftermarket bits. Biter drill-mounted sheet material cutter is steerable - Turn on a dime for smooth cuts round cuts to 1/2" diameter or keep set screw locked for straight cuts.  This more agile cutting tool can tackle mild steel to 14 gauge, stainless to 18 gauge, plastics and veneer (for that upgraded dash) up to 1/8".  HDII ENDLESS Cutting+Grinding wheel is the last tool you'll install on your grinder.  Great for cutting metal, carbon fiber, even concrete - to finally fix the uneven surface in the garage! Use the side of the HDII to grind rust and body filler.

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