Gates Corporation

Denver,  CO 
United States
  • Booth: IN-360-SS

Gates G-Force is an entire portfolio of superior CVT belts engineered for the most demanding conditions – providing an OE-Perfect Fit with matching shift curves & pulley speed ratios. G-Force drive belts are made in the USA, field-tested, and trusted within the toughest conditions to bring durability, simplicity, performance, and value to your off-road adventures.

G-Force - The workhorse of the family, G-Force CVT handles everything from a hard day’s work to a road less traveled.

G-Force C12 - The industry’s first true carbon tensile cord CVT belt - powering through the toughest off-road trails with minimal stretch and extraordinary strength. 

G-Force RedLine - Our newest G-Force CVT belt developed from the most advanced materials. Extensively lab and fieldtested, Gates G-Force RedLine CVT belts are engineered to handle the wildest rides required for the dunes, deserts, mountains, and race-day. Built to withstand extreme friction, severe compressive force, and excessive heat created from highacceleration, frequent back-shifting, and heavy loads.

Always break in your new belt before dropping the hammer: 

Brands: G-Force G-Force C12 G-Force RedLine