Off Road In Mind, LLC

Mission Viejo,  CA 
United States
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Want a free T? Buy RGB at the show for a choice of 3 colors

There is one thing I’ve always struggled with and I know I’m not the only one. It’s how to deal with all the gear you need to take off roading.  Everything from tow straps to fire extinguishers to tools…there’s a lot to bring.  Normally these things are just thrown into bins or bags or just loose inside your vehicle.  

Then it happens. Someone gets stuck and you need to pull them out. You have to swing open your heavy tire carrier just to get to those bins. Has anyone ever tried to do that on a steep hill? Well I have and I knew there had to be a better way to store my gear..That way is RGB (Recovery Gear Box).

RGB is a gear storage solution that has tool-less installation.
It attaches to almost any rear spare tire. 
Different rim backspacing, lug pattens, tire diameter/width…doesn't matter.  It has a universal fit and over 8 gallons of space where your gear can be organized.  

A great feature of RGB is how you can keep one end of the strap connected to a recovery point, while the rest of the strap stays wrapped up inside RGB.  When you need the strap, you just pull a cotter pin and open the lid.
When you are not on the trail RGB uses a standard hitch lock to keep your items secure.

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