Fire Marshal Guidelines

The safety of everyone involved with our events is of the utmost importance.

Show Management requests that all exhibitors adhere to the Fire Marshal guidelines to avoid issues onsite:

  • No indoor pop-up or easy up tents allowed in buildings or breezeway areas.
  • All entrances to all buildings must have a 20 ft. clearance at all times.


  • All EZ Ups/tents larger than 10’x10’ must have a visible fire extinguisher.
  • All tents or canopies must be installed and erected based on manufacturer’s directions.
  • For every 100 square feet there needs to be 40 pounds of ballast on each corner of the structure. Tents and their accessories shall be adequately roped, braced, and anchored to withstand the elements of weather and prevent against collapsing..
  • All trailers located outside with awnings must have a minimum of two (2) fire extinguishers visible, “No Smoking” signs, and the tent specs/fire retardant seal of approval on them at all times
  • One (1) fire extinguisher covers 40 consecutive feet only. All Fire Extinguishers must be 2A10BC rated.
  • All trussing must have manufacturer building specs and letter from builder stating stage was built in accordance to manufacturer specs
  • All fairgrounds roadways must have a clear fire lane at all times

Vehicle Displays

  • Vehicles parked under any type of canopy/overhang must be prepared to disconnect batteries and must have ¼ tank (5 gallons) of fuel or less at all times.
  • All indoor vehicles MUST have batteries unplugged at all times
  • All indoor vehicles MUST have ¼ tank (five-gallons) of fuel or less at all times
  • All indoor vehicles MUST be inspected for the above and receive approval sticker