Certificate of Insurance (COI) Required

All Exhibitors - Send a copy of your Certificate of Insurance (COI)
to exhibitorservices@bonniercorp.com - Due July 1, 2022

Does your company already have business insurance?

1. If Yes:

Send this link to your insurance agent so they can prepare your COI, below they will find the correct criteria and language that your Certificate of Insurance (COI) needs to provide:

  • All Exhibitors must carry $1,000,000 liability insurance
  • Description Section: [Company Name, Booth Number], 2022 Open Season Sportsman's Expo, July 22-24, 2022 at RP Funding Center, 701 Lime St., Lakeland, FL 33815; Additional Insured: Bonnier Corporation and their subsidiaries, parent companies and affiliates.
  • Certificate Holder listed as: Bonnier LLC, 517 N. Virginia Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789

2. If No: