REQUIRED: Wisconsin Temporary Seller Form

ALL EXHIBITORS - Send a copy of the Wisconsin Temporary Seller Form to:
Att: Andrea Blood/Seller Form at

Due by Friday, February 24, 2023


The State of Wisconsin requires Bonnier LLC to collect temporary seller information from all exhibitors (including display only and non-profit, etc.) at the 2023 Open Season Sportsman's Expo Wisconsin show on March 24-26, 2023.

Complete the form linked below and send to


Instructions to complete the form linked below:

  1. Download: The form linked below to your computer.
  2. Complete: Section C of the form. (Instructions on page 2)
  3. Question C9: There are options to choose from i.e. display only, non-profit, taxable merchandise, etc.
  4. Save: Your completed form.
  5. Email: Send completed form to

Link to the Wisconsin Temporary Seller Form


Wisconsin Temporary Seller Information Links


If You Have Questions

Please contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue directly at: