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United States
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Waypoint Alliance

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Here’s a great reason to get out and fly more often or further away - by making overnight stays more attractive!

The nuts and bolts: You can stay at other pilot's offered guest rooms, for a small gratuity of only $20 per room per night, in exchange for simply listing your own spare guest room as an available place for other pilots to stay.

Being an exclusive club for aircraft owners, rest assured you’ll have commonalities with the other travel hosts in this network. Here’s the rub, you need to have a spare room in your owned home to make available.  You pay ridiculously low annual membership dues ($99/year), and you can host as often as you’d like (at your convenience, of course), yet are only expected to host at least once per year.

Event special - join now for just $1 at www.wae.aero/special-signup.

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