Duroair Technologies USA Inc.

East Aurora,  NY 
United States
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Retractable, Deployable Paint Booths - Mitigate Hex Chrome

Duroair is dedicated to improving the health and safety of service members and the efficiency of maintenance operations. Duroair’s tested, patented technology pairs retractable enclosures with advanced air filtration systems to clean the air of contaminants below OSHA standards including hexavalent chromium, VOCs and isocyanates. Our DuroPure™ six-stage filtration exceeds NESAHP 319 requirements, is plug and play and eliminates the need for venting to the exterior of a building. Duroair’s DuroPure™ system is Defence Centers for Public Health - Aberdeen (DCPH-A), confirmed and verified by U.S. Army Engineers and Industrial Hygienists. Our DuroRoom™ retractable enclosures allow facility managers to retro fit older leased facilities with no changes to infrastructure. Retractable enclosures save space when not in use and simplify material handling processes by allowing access to an overhead crane. Deployable solutions, generator ready are available.
Duroair has solutions for painting and coating processes, dust and particulate collection and clean room applications.

Brands: DuroPure™ DuroRoom™ DuroCap™ DuoDust™ DuroClean™ DuroTower™ DuroTable™