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JUNGHANS Defence, a joint venture between the DIEHL and THALES groups, is a leading supplier in the field of ammunition fuzes and Safety & Arming Devices (SAD), focusing on the development, design, manufacture and testing of mechanical and electronic fuzing systems.

JUNGHANS Defence is the partner of choice of international Armed Forces, as well as ammunition and missile companies.
The brand JUNGHANS Defence encompasses the German company JUNGHANS Microtec GmbH and its wholly owned French subsidiary JUNGHANS T2M SAS.

Our product range covers all types of ammunition fuzes, including a wide range of artillery and mortar fuzes, and fuzes for aircraft as well as for infantry grenades, rockets, missiles and torpedoes. The development, design and manufacture of these products is divided between our two legal entities, JUNGHANS microtec and JUNGHANS T2M.