CopterPIX Ltd

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CopterPIX welcomes exploring our autonomous Drones solutions

CopterPIX - develop & manufacture autonomous, multi-rotor, customized UAV solutions - is IDF’s exclusive provider of drones up to 25kg MTOW till 2026

We have a strong track record providing high-performing, reliable drones for variety of military and commercial applications. Our Drones performed complex missions in fully operational & challenging conditions

CopterPIX drones deliver AT LEAST 30% more (flight-time / heavier payload) than ANY commercial platform & can easily integrate 3rd-party application thanks to our open framework CPX platform

Our drones include

  • ERE-95 Mini-Series drones for long-range inspection missions 80min flight time w/dual day/night camera)
  • ERE-95 Series hexa-rotor, fully redundant multi-purpose drones w/payloads up to 20kg
  • ERE-95 Hybrid series w/Hybrid generator kit (mid-air stop/start for low-noise missions) enable 5.5hours of flight time w/dual camera

CopterPIX develops the world’s 1st Hybrid Parallel drone that carries 25Kg for 50Km, 100Kg ->100Km

The revolutionary APS300 Autonomous Patrolling System, use micro-drones w/small mobile docking nest provide 24/7 patrolling capabilities for sites up to 3 miles perimeter

Brands: ERE-95 series Drones: Desert Stinger 100min flight Desert Storm multi-purpose payloads up to 20kg Hybrid over 5hr flight time APS300 Autonomous patrolling System 24/7 site patrolling - 3miles perimeter