Snowbird Technologies, Inc

Jacksonville,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 443

Innovative Solutions for Extreme Conditions


Snowbird Technologies is the leading manufacturer of military/commercial HVAC products for extreme weather conditions. Our military products are compliant with Department of Defense standards and can offer extremely light weight options for versatility.

As an extension of our innovations in mobile, ruggedized ECU/AC units, Snowbird has branched into developing new solutions for extreme conditions.

Snowbird has developed an Air Water Generator that extracts moisture from the atmosphere and produces safe to drink water when traditional means of water production are not possible. The AWG is available in various configurations and mobility platforms.

Snowbird’s newest innovation — through its SAMM Technologies brand — is a patented, ruggedized plastic and metal hybrid manufacturing system built into ISO shipping containers. This hybrid additive manufacturing unit can produce large, complex finished components, revolutionizing the way that the military tackles parts procurement and logistics.

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