Driggs,  ID 
United States
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Our mission is to provide unprecedented ground vehicle performance and capability to accomplish feats that were previously impossible. AZAK places all the drive components needed to operate an electric vehicle—the batteries, the motor, the motor controller, gearing… EVERYTHING—not only inside the wheel, but below the center point of the wheel to attain unmatchable low center of gravity, vehicle design freedom, and modularity. With this approach, AZAK builds vehicles no one else can.

AZAK’s innovative approach offers superior climbing and side hilling and the ability to improve driving on steep, rugged terrain. AZAK also increases range for hybrid and electric vehicles while offering comparable traction to tracked vehicles without the downsides to tracks. AZAK can construct lighter, quieter, more efficient electric vehicles designed to be compact, foldable, and jumpable to increase the warfighter’s ground mobility and power generation options to enhance a broad spectrum of mission sets.