Bliss Munitions Equipment

Kentwood,  MI 
United States
  • Booth: 3911

Built to last decades, Bliss Munitions sets the standard.

Major ammunition corporations across the world trust Bliss Munitions Equipment to support a full turnkey solution to ammunition production lines. With a robust history of over 137 years, Bliss built its legacy through supporting the defense industry worldwide, with equipment that lasts for decades. As equipment manufacturers modify, they tend to cut corners that compromise lasting integrity -- not us. Some of our presses, in surplus of 80 years old, are still running to full potential today, and we take pride in that. That is why our team is committed to assuring our quality will never be compromised to cost-cutting.

The Bliss team is comprised of ammunition and press experts -- we not only know the industry, but are in federal compliance. We take pride in our DFARS certification, and being NIST and ITAR compliant as well. When you choose us as a partner, you're partnering with years of history, a team of experts, and a team prepared to securely support your end-to-end solution. Our close-knit team welcomes all challenges with open arms, ready to craft your unique line tailored to your specific requirements -- with the Bliss built-to-last promise, and MIL-SPEC assurance.

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