EGB Ventures

San Juan, 
Puerto Rico
  • Booth: 200

EGB’s model is to form startups, rapidly taking them public.

At EGB Ventures, we look for assets with unrealized potential. While this includes physical assets and ideas, it also extends to people. We believe that the life sciences ecosystem is full of untapped human resources and we work hard every day to uncover those resources. We seed our portfolio companies not only with capital, but with experienced C-level life science executives and high-potential, mid-tier professionals. EGB benefits from this mentor/mentee atmosphere greatly, as it creates a pool of talent that can be drawn from when new ventures are formed.

EGB Ventures is focused on venture formation, coupled with public venture capital. So we create new companies from scratch and look to list them as soon as possible to get our investors on a path to liquidity. 

We are very selective, one deal per year or less.

Series A-sized deals lend themselves to the Canadian & Australian markets in our experience.

Fucos on therapeutics, typically repositioned small molecules
Gene editing
Renal diseases

Questions? Contact Casey Annunziata at or 202-960-1782