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Ionautics is the leading provider of HiPIMS Power Supplies

Ionautics is the leading provider of High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HiPIMS) technology and process know-how. We provide our customers with the tools and know-how to meet the increasing demands on performance and product quality of thin film coatings. Our HiPIMS power supplies in the HiPSTER series are designed and built in Sweden. All units in the HiPSTER series can be equipped with our recent reactive HiPIMS process control, which allows for stabilization of reactive processes, a wider process window of reactive gas flow, maintained stoichiometric thin film composition, and high deposition rates.

With the new ultra-fast switching technology and extended HiPIMS pulse control the HiPSTER is a perfect tool when developing and running state-of-the-art HiPIMS processes. Also, upgrading your existing magnetron system to HiPIMS has never been easier. The HiPSTER can be directly connected either to an existing DC supply or to one of our tailor-made HiPSTER DC units. In addition, we also provide dedicated synchronization units for full control of several HiPSTER units and substrate bias units on multi-magnetron systems. We always go the extra mile to provide not only an excellent product, but also the guidance on how to best use the HiPIMS technology. Also Ionautics is releasing the new Nanoparticle source.

Brands: HiPSTER 1: 1 kW HiPSTER 1 BiPolar: 1 kW HiPSTER 6: 6 kW HiPSTER 6 BiPolar: 6 kW HiPSTER 10: 10 kW Sync-Box: Delay and burst mode, to do multilayers or control HiPIMS substrate