Osaka Vacuum USA, Inc.

Fremont,  CA 
United States
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Osaka Vacuum is simply dependable and reliable

Osaka Vacuum is simply dependable and reliable 


Osaka Vacuum is your reliable one-stop application-specific Turbomolecular Pump global partner, specializing in process applications & solutions for Solar Cells manufacturing, Storage/Semiconductor processes, Microscopy/Metrology, general vacuum to a variety of vacuum instrumentation.

Osaka Turbopump/Dry Pump offering:

(Corrosive & Standard Series)

1) TGkine Series MagLev Turbopumps featuring all on-board integrated controller for most processes<1650-2200-3300-4200 L/S

2) Small Compact/Low Cost Dry Pumps:  3.75 mtorr Base! Fast Loadlock pumping and ideal for backing turbopumps<8 - 18 CFM

3) Light Duty Dry Pumps:  FR060D & ER100D series offering fast pumpdown from Atmosphere to base offering reduced footprint and Energy/Utility Saving for standard to Light Duty processes<36 - 59 CFM

4) TG-M Series, Digital MagLev Wide Range Compound Turbopumps, high speed/throughput, free orientation <340-420-900-1300-2400-L/S>

5) TG-F Series: Affordable wide range Turbopumps/suitable for all PVDs <220-350-450-800-1100-2400 L/S>

6) TG/TS Series: High throughout Turbopumps, rugged industrial version <200-440-550-1000-1300-1800-3400-5500 L/S>

7) Instrumentation Turbopump Series: 60-70-240 L/S high performance Turbopumps