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Boulder,  CO 
United States
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Optimize designs with the most efficient simulation tools!

Tech-X Corporation develops scientific, multi-physics software including VSim and RSim. VSim is an electromagnetic, particle-in-cell computational model which includes many secondary processes such us many types of collisions, sputtering, and secondary electrons from surfaces. VSim also has the capability of modeling neutrals and electrons using a fluid approach, reducing the computational cost. VSim can be used to model many types of problems including capacitively coupled plasmas, glow discharge, magnetron sputtering, wafer processing, ion sources, ion thrusters, microwave device cavities, klystrons, and antennas. CAD geometries can easily be imported into your model to reduce setup time and make the model more relevant to your industrial setup. All field solves use Tech-X’s unique cut cell algorithms which maintains 2nd order spatial accuracy. VSim is sold in different packages so that you only purchase what you need.  VSim also comes with numerous starter simulations which closely mimics real-world problems. These examples serve as illustrations and templates for your problem which drastically reduces setup time. VSim’s variety of starter simulations cover capacitively coupled plasma chambers, ion thrusters, wafer processing, magnetron sputtering, satellite charging, radar antennas, klystrons, helix traveling wave tubes, as well as waveguide demultiplexers and other photonic structures. Modify an included example to suit your needs or set up a simulation from scratch by using VSim’s powerful visual interface. VSim runs efficiently on a few cores up to a few thousand cores (i.e. high-performance computing). Recently Tech-X released RSim, a radiation transport model. Go to for more information.

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