Torr Scientific Ltd.

Bexhill-on-Sea,  East Sussex 
United Kingdom
  • Booth: 304

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Torr Scientific brings together a unique range of expertise and equipment from the worlds of thin film vacuum coating, vacuum instrumentation and electron-optics.
The company manufactures X-ray and electron-optical components, UHV Viewports and processes anti-reflective coatings.  Vacuum optics are custom designed for researchers carrying out research using lasers in vacuum.

The company also manufactures MCP detectors and CVD diamond vacuum windows for synchrotron beamline applications.

Customised glass quantum cells are made in our dedicated glass shop and vacuum chambers in our machine shop.

Vacuum brazing allows us to join dissimilar materials together for the fabrication of X-ray anodes, these then are coated with a variety of target materials, CVD diamonds can also be brazed and coated on the anode to increase performance.  
Manufacturing quantities vary from 1 off custom products to many 100's for OEM customers.

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