Semicore Equipment, Inc.

Livermore,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 523

New & used PVD systems.

Semicore Equipment, Inc., a Silicon Valley based manufacturer, supplies, services and supports  Sputtering, Evaporation, Thin Film PVD systems for the electronics, optical, solar energy, medical, military, academic and related high technology industries worldwide. Semicore’s products provide state-of-the-art repeatable and reliable quality coating capability on a variety of materials including plastic films, glass, ceramics, metals and hybrid substrates and range from entry-level/R&D to high-performance production level installations at a competitive price.   Semicore’s engineering staff is known for their extensive technical know-how and experience and ability to help solve the most difficult project. Whether you are an experienced deposition user looking to expand or update an existing installation or a newcomer to the field needing advice and assistance to avoid making an expensive error you owe to yourself to put Semicore deposition systems on your short list.

Brands: Semicore, Airco Temescal, CHA Industries, Varian, CPA, CVC, MRC, Perkin Elmer, Alcatel Comptech, Iontech, Veeco, Oxford, Branson, Axic, Tegal, technics.