Event Safety Requirements

The safety of everyone involved with our events is of the utmost importance.


Firearm Displays

  1. Firearms must not be left unattended at any time in the exhibit hall.
  2. There will be no live ammunition at your booth.
  3. All firearms displayed or used for any type of demonstration purposes must be deactivated by removal of the firing pin or other alteration so that they are rendered incapable of being fired.
  4. Each firearm will have its actions open while being displayed.
  5. All displays and structures utilized to display firearms that are accessible and intended to be handled by attendees must be positioned within the exhibitor’s booth space in such a manner that attendees can only access and handle while standing within the confines of the booth. Firearms cannot be accessible or handled in the aisles, or anywhere outside the perimeter of the booth space.
  6. During show hours it is recommended that firearms and easily concealed components such as uppers, lowers, bolt carrier groups, etc. be tethered, fastened or secured to the exhibitor’s booth display.
  7. When the exhibit hall is closed all firearms must be in a secure lockbox not inside the exhibit hall. While moving firearms they must be in a secure lockbox.

Vehicle Displays/Gasoline Engines

  • Display vehicles must set up on Thursday. If you need to set up on Friday, it must be first thing at 8:00 am and please notify Exhibitor Services at exhibitorservices@bonniercorp.com.
  • Fuel in the tank shall not exceed ¼ of tank capacity or 5 gallons of gas, whichever is less.
  • The fuel cap must be taped shut.
  • At least one battery terminal must be disconnected and taped.
  • Visqueen or other protective covering must be placed underneath the engine section of the vehicle.
  • Transfer of fuel is not allowed on the convention center floor.
  • Ignition keys for vehicles on display shall be kept by a responsible person at the display location for removal of such vehicles from the building in event of emergency.

Fire Safety Regulations

  • Exhibits must comply with all local, state and federal fire codes as they apply.
  • Only fire-proof material should be used as decoration in displays.
  • Only tent frames allowed. No canopies.
  • Contact the Convention Center for specific fire regulations and codes.