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Empty gel films for taking kratom🍃, mushrooms🍄, herbs🌿, supplements💪 & medications💊

Made from only non-GMO potato starch, our gel films are the easiest, quickest and most pleasant way to take bitter-tasting powders such as kratom, instant kava, mushrooms, etc. They let you quickly swallow up to 6 grams of powder at once with no taste, mess or clean up.

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Brands: Blate Papes, Oblate, Blate, BlateCo


Why You Need Blate Papes for Taking Kratom

 Show Specials

  • We will have our show special packages up over the weekend, Jan 28th-29th. Check back.. they will be bad ass, bro.

    Our new packs are hands down the easiest kratom cross/upsell out there.


  • Gel Film Pouches, 120 Count
    Our cone-shaped 'pouches' let you swallow kratom and other powders comfortably and without tasting anything. Just add your powder, wet it and swallow with water. It's so smooth you won't even feel it go down....

  • ✔️Vegan ✔️Single-ingredient ✔️Gluten-free ✔️Non-GMO

    ☁️ Holds multiples more than any capsule size and dissolves 15 minutes faster, while being easier to use and swallow

    🥄 At 10 microns thick with a spoon and two separate stands, our cone-shaped oblate bags have superior usability and function

    🍃 Use Blate Papes for:

    • Kratom

    • Mushrooms

    • Unflavored supplement powders

    • Difficulty swallowing medications

    • Avoiding carcinogens like artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors

    ♻️ Each 120 pouch pack comes in a recyclable hard case with 2 convenient pouch stands a natural birchwood powder spoon

    🇺🇸 Designed in the USA

    🇯🇵 Exclusively manufactured in the only FDA registered, ISO22000 certified facility in Japan

  • Gel Film Squares, 200 Count (NEW)
    NEWEST packaging for our gel film squares, now blue-colored to clearly distinguish them from our cone versions (green).

    Swallow multiple grams of powder comfortably and with no taste Just add your powder, wet it and swallow with water....

  • ✔️Vegan ✔️Single-ingredient ✔️Gluten-free ✔️Non-GMO

    ☁️ Holds multiples more than any capsule size, dissolves much quicker, and is easier to use and swallow

    📐 At about 4x4 inches and just 10 microns thick, each square has nearly double the surface area of Japanese oblate discs, but with superior strength and comfortability

    🍃 Use Blate Papes for:

    • Kratom

    • Mushrooms

    • Unflavored supplement powders

    • Difficulty swallowing medications

    • Avoiding carcinogens like artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors

    ♻️ Each 200 sheet pack comes in a refillable and recyclable hard case with a natural birchwood powder spoon

    🇺🇸 Designed in the USA

    🇯🇵 Exclusively manufactured in the only FDA registered and ISO22000 certified facility in Japan

  • Gel Film Pouches, 20 Count (NEW)
    Exclusive Champs trade show product release: our new 20 pouch packs....

  • Same as our original 120 count pouches, but now in a smaller, 20 count pack with a $5.99 MSRP.

    This is the most painless way to take kratom powder, now in an easy upsell pack.

  • Pill & Capsule Filling Machine, 100 Holes (NEW)
    100-hole manual capsule-filling machines for capsule sizes #000, #00, #0, and #1

    We also have 200-hole and 400-hole manual capsule filling machines coming soon, as well as options for smaller capsule sizes (#2, #3, #4, and #5)....

  • ◦ FAST & SIMPLE TO USE: With the power to create your very own 000, 00, 0 or 1 capsules from the comfort of your own home, this capsule filling machine will save you both time and money. This pill-maker will let you buy herb, vitamin, and supplement powders in bulk at a much more cost-effective price, while letting you make 100 custom capsules in minutes.

    ◦ DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS: Unlike other capsule-filling plates, ours comes equipped with detailed instructions guaranteed to make the entire process easy and hassle-free. You’ll receive all the necessary tools along with clear pictures and information on how to best use your fillable capsules. This machine is cut clear above the rest.

    ◦ PORTABLE: With its compact size, shape and lightweight nature, you’re able to create your custom own capsules anywhere. Easy to carry and ideal for taking on-the-go, the versatile nature of this capsule machine is guaranteed to impress any herbalist or regular supplement taker.

    ◦ PREMIUM QUALITY: Featuring a sleek black and blue design with 100 pressed holes, this capsule machine has been made with superior craftsmanship. Robust and designed to last for years and years, all your empty vegetarian, vegan and gelatin capsules can be filled with the utmost precision every time.

    ◦ FREE BLATE PAPES SAMPLE: Included with every machine is a free sample of Blate Papes® gel film pouches. Made of only potato starch, these allow you take take multiple grams of powdered herbs, supplements or medications quickly and easily... sort of like a capsule, but they're larger and become gel around the powder, making them much easier to fill and swallow!

  • Kratom Powder Digital Scale, 500g/0.01g
    The nicest designed packaging for any scale you've ever seen sold in a smoke shop. They're an easy sell with any kratom or herb purchase, and they stand out above the other typical lame digital scales out there.

  • 🎯High-Precision with a 500 Gram Range: Our digital scale is built with a high-precision sensor system, providing you with instant and accurate results from 0.05g to 500g.

    🌿 Multi-Use: Ideal for measuring herbs, supplements, medicine, jewelry, cooking ingredients, mail, etc. Perfect for use with blate papes.

    💪 Superior Quality: Strong, accurate, fast and user-friendly. Constructed with a high-quality stainless steel platform and an ABS frame that make it easy to clean.

    ⏲️ Smart Functions: The "PCS" (pieces) function lets you count high quantities of small objects in a breeze; the "T" (tare) function zeros out the scale to provide a net weight; the "M" (mode) function lets you switch the measuring units from grams, to ounces, etc. The auto shut-off switch time can be set to 1 min, 2 min, 3 min or OFF.

    💎 Minimalistic & Elegant Design: This scale is the perfect compact size. It's stainless steel platform is 4x4 inches.

    ⚖️ Multi-Function: Built with a clear blue back-lit LCD screen, our scale can convert measurement results between in g, tl, oz, ct, and gn in seconds.

    🔋 Accessories: Comes with batteries and two trays (4x4 inches and 4x5 inches), which can be used as platform protectors or scale trays.