What Exhibitors Are Saying!

We’re coming out here and in just four days we are going to meet with all of our major customers, all of our independent customers, all of our wholesale customers. I mean that’s really hard to do. Where else could I go and do all of this networking and see everything that’s happening in the industry? I can’t think of any other place I’d be able to do this.

If you’re going to make an investment in your business and you want a really compact, very intense way to see the entire industry, this is a good realization of your dollars and investing in your business. They can come to a show like this they can take classes, they can improve their marketing, their production, their operational.

The show venue worked like magic as our booth was busy all the time. We had framers from the US and Canada plus international visitors from South America, Mexico, and Europe. This show will only continue to grow in importance with the framing community over the next few years.

If you’re in the framing business or picture hanging business or have anything to do with framing hardware, I think the WCAF Expo is the best show out there. It really exposes you to all elements of the trade from smaller mom and pops, to chain stores, to larger distributors and it really opens up the doors to selling your product all over the world.


This year's show hit on all cylinders. The industry is hungry for artwork and framers are leaving no stones unturned in search of fresh, marketable imagery. Attendance was high, including international customers.

The WCAF Expo is really the only venue there is in North America for framers. It’s a great place to meet everyone, make contacts, demo our new products, and share ideas.

The WCAF Expo has been one of our best ways to advertise. Our booth is always crowded and since people come from all over the world it gives us vendors the opportunity to connect with shops that we would not normally have the chance to see. Attach-EZ has grown and our business expanded both here in the US as well as world wide because of WCAF show. We look forward to it every year. Thumbs up all the way.

The show organization in terms of both floor layout and class layout were very good. The registration process was flawless. We saw an increase in traffic and it was productive—we made some great sales.

WCAF Expo was an amazing opportunity for us to do so much of what we love. We got to connect with our partners, our friends, and team members from coast-to-coast.

What a fantastic show! We loved the venue as well as the quality and quantity of the clients and prospects.

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