Order LeadCapture for WCAF Expo

Enhance your experience at West Coast Art & Frame Expo 2019 with an easy-to-use lead retrieval tool. We have partnered with Cvent to provide lead retrieval services through their LeadCapture product. We appreciate your support at our event and want you to be able to track the impact of attending WCAF Expo 2019.

How it Works:

  • Scan badges to gather lead info
  • Create custom qualifying questions
  • Export leads to any database on demand

How to Order:

Click Here to Order Online

Questions? Email leadcapture@cvent.com

Click Here for information about using the Cvent Exhibitor Portal



Cvent LeadCapture Liability Waiver

By purchasing the LeadCapture solution, you are accepting the following terms. Customer understands that the rental and use of Cvent LeadCapture Device and Application grants only a license to use it for the duration of this event, and that no equity or ownership is imparted by this rental lease. It is understood that each Cvent LeadCapture Device will need to be charged prior to use, Electrical Service in the exhibiting space may be required.

Customer further is acknowledging and accepting full liability as a representative of your organization and understands fullythat he/she is responsible for the proper use and security of any Cvent LeadCapture Device while it is in customer's possession and will be liable for any loss or damage to the rental equipment and that damaged Cvent LeadCapture Devices or Cvent LeadCapture Devices not returned to theCvent LeadCapture Service Desk at the close of event will be billed for full replacement cost of the device.

Full application terms of use available at:


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