Our web-based promotions offer even more opportunities to promote your company before, during, and after the West Coast Art & Frame Expo. If you’re an advertiser in Picture Framing Magazine, you also qualify for a discount. Post Expo e-promotions are also available for purchase.


Featured Exhibitor Email

The Featured Exhibitor section, part of The National Conference Newsletter, provides an opportunity to promote your booth number and any show specials or new products available at the Expo. You can also include up to two images for any new products you are displaying. Reserve early. There's only one featured exhibitor per newsletter.
Price: $250


Exhibitor E-blast

This is an email devoted entirely to your company. As an added bonus, you have the opportunity to promote as many new products and include as many images as you like. Limited space is available.
Price: $500


Featured Exhibitor Website Banner Ad

A Navigational Website Banner Ad allows you to promote your company on every page of the WCAF Expo website. Limited banner space is available.
Price: $750


Floor Plan Banner

A WCAF Website Floor plan Banner Ad goes directly on the interactive floor plan of the WCAF Expo Website, offering the opportunity to market your company when attendees view the Expo floor plan. Limited banner space is available.
Price: $500


Enhanced eBooths!

With Enhanced eBooths we offer you the ability to add “enhanced” content to your online eBooth. The enhanced content includes product images and descriptions, company or product videos, press releases, show specials, a company logo, and additional searchable product categories. Click here to see all the options


To learn about all of the promotional opportunities offered to our exhibitors, click here.

Featured Exhibitor Dates
Oct. 2018 Nov. 2018 Dec. 2018 Jan. 2019 Feb. 2019
10/2 11/6 12/4 1/2 2/5
10/9 11/13 12/11 1/8 2/14
10/16 11/20 12/18 1/15 2/19
10/23 11/27 12/25 1/22 2/26


E-Blast Dates
Oct. 2018 Nov. 2018 Dec. 2018 Jan. 2019 Feb. 2019
10/4 11/1 12/6 1/3 2/7
10/11 11/8 12/13 1/10 2/14
10/18 11/15 12/20 1/17 2/21
10/25 11/22 12/27 1/24


Trade Show Marketing

Opportunities at The WCAF Expo!

You now have even more opportunities to promote your company at prime locations throughout the West Coast Art & Frame Expo. The attendee registration area will be located immediately in front of the trade show entrance. With its spacious dimensions, this is the perfect for exhibitors to make a great first impression and promote their companies.


Entrance Unit Boards

The large four-sided architectural columns located just prior to the registration area of the trade show area offer a great opportunity to promote your products and booth location right as attendees walk towards the Expo.
Price: Starting at $1000 per panel



A limited number of double-sided large banners are available. These offer a prominent, eye-catching way to highlight your company and direct attendees to your booth. Call for sizes and pricing details.
Price: Starting at $900 per banner


Lobby Cubes

The free-standing rotating four-sided lobby cubes will be prominently located at the show entrance, ensuring your company's message will be seen by thousands of attendees as they walk to and from the Expo entrance.
Price: $800 per side


Meter Boards

Make a great first impression with our free-standing double-sided meter boards that will line the foyer area and welcome attendees to the trade show.
Price: $800 per side


Exhibitor Product Display Case

What better way to promote your products to the thousands of attendees than by purchasing a coveted spot in our new Exhibitor Product Display Case. Create a vignette outside the show for your products and samples to make your booth a can’t-miss destination.
Price: Call for pricing.



Bags will be distributed to WCAF Expo attendees when they pick up their registration badges. This sponsorship option increases brand visibility to all attendees at the show.
Price: Call for pricing.


To learn about all of the promotional opportunities offered to our exhibitors, click here.




Additional Promotional Items


Customized lanyards are an extremely effective way to market your company. Imprint your company name or logo around the necks of thousands of attendees and you’ll gain considerable exposure as they walk the show floor. Please call for pricing details if you require custom manufacturing or distribution.
Price: Starting at $1,000


Expo Guide Advertising

Advertising in the Expo Guide gives you the chance to market your company and increase your visibility to thousands of attendees. This publication is distributed every year at the Expo to attendees and includes exhibitor profiles, show specials, new product information, and special events at the Expo.
Price: Starting at $250 (Reservation Deadline: 12/15/16 - Materials Due: 12/22/16)


Picture Framing Magazine Advertiser Special

Advertising in PFM gives you the benefit of year long exposure. Keep your company name, image, and products fresh in the minds of attendees during and after the trade show and throughout the year.
Price: Rates starting at $150 - Contact sales@pfm-group.com


To learn about all of the promotional opportunities offered to our exhibitors, click here.


National Conference Sponsorships

Exciting Opportunities!

Sponsor a session at The National Conference and choose from over 100 informative sessions and hands-on workshops offered to thousands of attendees every year. Create visibility and reach targeted audiences through conference marketing materials, signage, affiliation with framing experts, and product displays—all cost-effective ways to highlight your company and set yourself apart from the competition.


Company Classes

Company classes provide you with a venue to introduce and explain your products and services. You provide your own instructors and materials. Company classes are typically free to attendees and last for two hours. This is a great opportunity for companies to market new products and services in a friendly environment, where attendees can ask questions and receive answers. All marketing and registration is part of the package.
Company Class Fee: $3,000 to $5,000


Seminar Sponsorships

Sponsoring a National Conference seminar creates visibility at the Expo, helps you reach targeted audiences, and gets your company name with the class description in the National Conference Brochure as well as on all ads promoting that session. Literature in the classroom and signage announce your role as sponsor. Attach your company name to an existing session, and supply your product where appropriate.
Seminar Sponsorship Fee: $800 to $2,000


National Conference Brochure Advertising

This supplement featuring session descriptions, schedules, and sign up information is published with the November issue of PFM and receives extra distribution at the West Coast Art & Frame Expo. It offers an effective way to reach the art and framing industry because your ad is highly visible in this much-anticipated publication. A limited number of color ads are available.
Full pages: $2,400, Half Page: $1,900


To learn about all of the promotional opportunities offered to our exhibitors, click here.




Extend Your Presence!

Splash Screen

Put your brand front and center. Make a stronger first impression. Get your name and brand in front of all attendees; the splash screen is a great advertisement opportunity.
Price: $4,000


Rotating App Banner

Display your logo in a banner. Attract more leads. Attendees can tap on your advertisement to see other resources in the app or on the web. An effective banner can drive traffic to your booth or website, increase industry visibility, and boost sales.
Price: $250


Highlighted Exhibitor

Choose to stand out. Make your brand more visible. This is the easiest way to stand out in a long list of exhibitors and receive more attention. The more attention you get, the more connections with customers you’re likely to form.
Price: FREE with an Enhanced eBooth
Silver eBooth: $295
Gold eBooth: $595


Push Notifications

Send out alerts and updates. Connect with more customers. Custom messages can be sent to attendees anytime, anywhere. Every attendee at the event is a potential customer; encourage them to visit your booth or check out your profile to learn more about your services. This is your chance to entice them with a “call to action” or make any last-minute changes.
Price: $250 each


To learn about all of the promotional opportunities offered to our exhibitors, click here.





We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!


National Conference Sponsors