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Fletcher Business Group offers five key solution technologies with Frame Joining, Mitre Cutting, Substrate Cutting, Assembly & Finishing and Hanging and Display. www.fletcher-terry.com

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    Promotional Specials for AMP & Fletcher Equipment

    Joining Machinery | Double Mitre Saw | Table-Top and Wall Machine Cutters

    Promotional Time Period – December 14, 2018 through February 14, 2019


    Item description

      Regular MSRP

    Promo Price

    U300 Underpinner (Formerly Minigraf 3)

       $     2,495.00

            $          1,935.00

    U-300P Underpinner (Formerly VN4L)

       $     4,995.00

            $          3,870.00

    U400 Underpinner (Formerly VN144S)

       $     5,495.00

            $          4,260.00

    U500 Underpinner (Formerly VN4MP)

       $   12,995.00

            $        10,070.00

    U600 Underpinner (Formerly VN4MC)

       $   18,995.00

            $        14,720.00

    F-60 Cutter

       $        734.00

            $             624.00

    Titan 60” Cutter

       $     1,057.00

            $             898.00

    F-2200 (48”) Matboard Cutter

       $     1,743.00

            $          1,482.00

    F-2200 (60”) Matboard Cutter

       $     2,002.00

            $          1,700.00

    F3000 (60”) Wall Machine Cutter

       $     2,336.00

            $          1,986.00

    F3100 Wall Machine Cutter

       $     2,715.00

            $          2,300.00

    FSC Wall Machine Cutter

       $     3,577.00

            $          3,040.00

    Offer valid on purchases up to February 14, 2019.  This offer is good only in North America and not valid in conjunction with any other special offers or promotions from AMP or Fletcher.


    All Values are stated in US Dollars





  • TA-350 Auto Saw | AF-500 Frame Joining Robot
    Fletcher Business Group offers solutions for automating the double mitre cutting and frame robot joining for high-volume OEM and fulfilment operations.


  • FGB offers a complete Double Mitre Saw Cutting and Joining Process with up to six process stations including material handling, material gripper system for moving moulding to cutting station, double mitre cutting, movement of cut pieces, and the process completion with robotic frame joining.

    The TA-350 Auto Saw is well suited for production double mitre cutting for picture and photo frames as well as any other moulding or trim board assembled by way of 45 degree mitre cutting.

    Sophisticated, but simple and practical, the system is made three major components, Vertical or Horizontal Material Feeder, Cutting Station, with two saw blades fixed at a 45 degree angle, and an Unloading Belt with Kicker allowing cut pieces to be pushed aside to avoid any damage.

    A Material Gripper System (Primary) is used to provide moulding part movement into the Saw Cutting Station, an optional Material Gripper System (Advanced) is also available, and is used in conjunction with the primary gripper for minimizing moulding scrap and to increase overall material yield rate.

    The AF-500 Frame Robot System is suited for high volume automatic frame joining of moulding and canvas stretcher bars. The system consist of a Vertical Feeder that automatically positions the moulding into the four individually controlled joining stations each inserting V-Nails simultaneoulsy in one or multiple positions per corner.

    The automatic joining process uses a market unique Vertical Clamping Design for maximum joining performance, production through-put and yield rate. Average cycle time for four corner joining is 4 to 6 seconds based on required V-Nail positions.

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