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Facility and Data Aquisition Integration Partners

The Smart Energy Microgrid Marketplace features an onsite, live microgrid that includes a network of distributed energy technologies coming together to showcase what these smart systems look like and how they operate.  It is THE resource for understanding how microgrids are configured and implemented in various markets, including residential, commercial, industrial, technical (central office, cable head-end and cellular), and government, military and utility scale. Gain access to experts whose power generation and conversion equipment, energy management systems, monitoring and metering devices, as well as energy storage systems and solar energy products are integrated into the live microgrid. While at Cable-Tec, hear from experts with a track record in designing and deploying microgrids, and are continuing to pioneer the "grid of grids" of the future. This includes experts from companies like EnSync Energy Systems, CE+T, Nextek, Starline, WES, Voltserver, Comm/net Systems Inc., SMA and Stultz.

Brands: Brands and companies featured in Smart Energy Microgrid Marketplace: EnSync Energy Systems, CE+T, Nextek, Starline, WES, Voltserver, Comm/net Systems, Inc,, SMA and Stultz

 Press Releases

  • New and enhanced versions of the Starline CPM to be officially released at Datacenter Dynamics Enterprise New York 2018

    Starline is enabling organizations to further maximize their energy management and efficiency with the latest enhancements to the Critical Power Monitor (CPM) platform. This revenue-grade power monitoring device proactively monitors power usage and distribution in the data center environment. Two new enhancements are being unveiled for this product line, including temperature sensors for busway end feed terminal lugs and a direct current voltage version of the product for Vdc installations.

    “We are committed to providing full-featured metering options to our customers, and continuing to implement new features and functionality is another way we can provide value to our customers,” said Mark Swift, Vice President of Marketing for Universal Electric Corporation. “Integration of the temperature sensors with our end feed terminals will provide customers with real-time data, and will be much more reliable than manual periodic infrared scanning. Also, the direct current version of the CPM will be a great addition to the lineup, and meet the demands of our global customer base for those individuals whom have adopted a Vdc topology in their facilities.”

    The new temperature sensors for Starline’s busway feed terminals are fully integrated into Starline CPMs, and can be added as an option with your installation. This will provide real-time temperature data for the busway feed terminals, and can be trended over time to determine if loose connections are causing the terminals to heat. When this occurs, alarm thresholds can be set, notifying you of a potentially dangerous scenario before a failure occurs. With traditional IR scanning, you are at risk of an issue manifesting between your scan interval times. This new temperature sensor technology gives you the data immediately, so you can react in time. For existing installations, customers can take advantage of retrofit options to add this new feature.

    In addition to the integration of CPM temperature sensors for feed terminals, Starline is also releasing the newest configuration of the Critical Power Monitor, a direct current version. The Vdc CPM is designed for applications of up to 400 Vdc, and functions similarly to the Vac versions that are currently available. For installations with renewable energy sources, the meter can also measure bidirectionally, for power that is being supplied back to the grid.

    “Developing innovative products that provide value to our customers is our main goal,” stated Lucas Andrews, Research and Development Engineering Manager of UEC. "These two new offerings definitely support this initiative for the company.”

    Starline CPM comes with an easy-to-install, user-friendly web interface so that data center managers can quickly provision and implement the device. Connectivity options for the CPM include both wired Ethernet and Modbus, and optional 802.11n Wi-Fi versions are also available.

    All Starline CPM units are calibrated to meet American National Service Institute (ANSI) revenue grade standards for power usage and comes with a variety of communications interfaces that facilitate seamless integration with Building Management System (BMS) and Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) packages.

    Universal Electric Corporation, the manufacturer of Starline, is excited to announce the launch of these expanded offerings for the CPM platform. The company’s ultimate goal is to drive toward sustained innovation with its product offerings, and to continuously improve customer experience.

    About Universal Electric
    Universal Electric Corporation (UEC), a pioneer in electrical power distribution since 1924, is a world leader in the development of customizable power distribution systems. Industry innovators for more than 85 years with manufacturing facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore, the company’s premium, flexible products are designed to fit the electrical power needs of any business in any industry. One of the only companies dedicated exclusively to flexible
    power distribution products, Universal Electric’s award-winning Starline and U-S Safety Trolley products have revolutionized electrical power distribution in data centers, industrial manufacturing facilities, retail chains and grocery stores worldwide. For more information, visit:

  • Lead Tech Companies Join Together to Showcase Smart Energy Microgrid

    Event Co-located with Solar Power Midwest

    HARRISBURG, PA., Oct., 22, 2018/Cable-Tec Expo/-- The Cable-Tec Expo 2018, hosted by the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) and co-located with the Solar Power Midwest conference, will feature its first live microgrid on the show floor.  Eight innovative companies in the industry that are deploying microgrid technology today have come together under the banner of Smart Energy Microgrid Marketplace to showcase a microgrid operating live on the show floor.

    Focusing on energy solutions for the cable industry, this onsite microgrid project follows a larger version that operated live last month at the North America Smart Energy Week Conference and Expo in California, which included on-site solar photovoltaics and provided electricity for over 50 exhibit booths. Branded the Smart Energy Microgrid Marketplace (SEMM), this installation at Cable-Tec includes a range of technologies in a hybrid microgrid utilizing traditional AC as well as 48 and 380-volt DC to provide power onsite. The 900 square-foot Microgrid Marketplace will run entirely off that technology to concurrently harness electricity, store electricity in batteries and redistribute the electricity to power loads onsite.

    The SEMM project aims to help the industry better understand what smart energy microgrid systems look like and how they operate by building a network of distributed energy technologies from companies pioneering the market. The project is recognized as the resource for understanding how microgrids are configured and implemented in various markets, including residential, commercial, industrial, technical (central office, cable head-end and cellular), and government, military and utility scale.

    “Many of these companies have been part of building microgrids in the cable industry, so Cable-Tec is a perfect platform for attendees to see this technology and witness how today’s microgrids bring tremendous capability to service a variety of industry needs. We are showing that microgrids are more diverse than ever; supporting everything from resiliency in a semi-grid tied environment to total independence and off-grid scenarios.  They can easily combine a variety of generation and storage sources, as well as power and service both AC and DC loads in a very modular and scalable way,” said Brian Patterson, president of Emerge Alliance, organizer of SEMM. “A wealth of information and access to experts in this growing microgrid arena is what you’ll find under the Smart Energy Microgrid Marketplace banner.”

    Companies are seeking to better manage the complexities of the energy landscape as the cable industry witnesses rapidly changing energy policies, energy resiliency becoming increasingly important, and sustainability goals moving up in priority.  SEMM offers solutions to many of these issues facing companies now and down the road.  Learn from experts and professionals with a technology track record in power generation and conversion equipment, energy management systems, monitoring and metering devices, as well as energy storage systems and solar energy products all integrated into a cutting-edge microgrid.

    The SEMM program includes the following technology companies:  EnSync Energy Systems, CE+T, Starline, WES, Voltserver, COMM/net, Stultz and Nextek Power Systems.  Emerge Alliance is the lead facilitator of SEMM, while the program is supported by Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA).

    About the EMerge Alliance

    The EMerge Alliance is a nonprofit, open network of industry, academic and government organizations reinventing electric power through the development of vanguard standards for the highly effective and efficient use of hybrid AC/DC power in building and community level microgrids. These standards focus on dc-coupled generation, storage and loads, simplifying the use of locally produced clean energy and making systems more flexible, resilient and sustainable. Learn more at

    About SEIA

    Celebrating its 44th anniversary in 2018, the Solar Energy Industries Association® is the national trade association of the U.S. solar energy industry, which now employs more than 250,000 Americans. Through advocacy and education, SEIA® is building a strong solar industry to power America. SEIA works with its 1,000 member companies to build jobs and diversity, champion the use of cost-competitive solar in America, remove market barriers and educate the public on the benefits of solar energy. Visit SEIA online at

    About SEPA

    The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) is an educational nonprofit working to facilitate the electric power industry’s smart transition to a clean and modern energy future through education, research, standards and collaboration. SEPA offers a range of research initiatives and resources, as well as conferences, educational events and professional networking opportunities. SEPA is founder and co-sponsor of Solar Power International (now North American Smart Energy Week) and winner of the Keystone Policy Center’s 2016 Leadership in Energy Award. For more information, visit

    Cable-Tec Expo is a registered trademark of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers, Inc.

    For more information:

    Brian Patterson, Emerge Alliance

    (717) 433-5443


  • EnSync Energy Systems - DER integration
    EnSync Energy Systems: leading provider of innovative distributed energy resource technology & business models for residential, commercial & utility installs. Matrix Energy Management is at the core of all our technology; featuring an “Auto-Sync DC bus.”


  • Available to residential, C&I and utility markets, the Matrix Energy Management platform is direct-current centric technology that features an innovative “Auto-Sync DC bus.” It routes the most reliable, least-cost and lowest emissions electricity, in and out of a facility.  The Matrix and auto-sync DC bus always derive exceptional efficiencies by integrating all AC and DC inputs from any resource. When Matrix is combined with our DER Flex, internet-of-energy software, then various systems can be aggregated and monetized for spot market sale of electricity, as well as grid services available at your utility. Our EnSync Home Energy System utilizes Matrix and Auto-Sync technology to offer the multi-tenant market an opportunity to become its own utility. By DC-linking and synchronizing all units together with EnSync Home and our DER Flex software platform, property managers and home owners can exchange (via app) their electricity across the networked community of units.

  • Facility & Data Acquisition Integration Partners
    WES: For over 37 years we’ve provided technical integration services and solutions to Telecom Data Centers and Hub Sites. Over the years WES has built a team of best in class partners and products that we customize to each client’s unique need....

  • WES: Real‐time, strategic information is critical to the success of any business.  In Mission Critical environments an accurate and efficient information management solution gives you the intelligence you need to protect your organization and safeguard availability while improving efficiency and customer service.  The best solution is the one that is right for you.  One size does not fit all.  WES’ experienced team will work with your team to understand what you have, what you need, and the best roadmap to get to where you want to be.  With our trusted, proven partners we will help you build the solution that meets your specific feature needs and budget.  Our solutions are flexible, scalable and dynamic.  They will take advantage of your existing resources and investment to save you money and time, and we’ll incorporate training and maintenance for the lifecycle of ongoing operations.

  • Starline – Power Distribution & Monitoring
    Universal Electric Corporation, the manufacturer of Starline Track Busway and Starline Critical Power Monitor, is a global leader in power distribution and monitoring equipment for the data center/mission critical industry....

  • Starline Track Busway provides the power to very easily expand, reconfigure, or relocate operations. Available in various sizes from 40 to 1200 amps, the system’s most unique feature includes a continuous access slot, meaning plug-in units can be connected at any location, at any time – all without shutting down the busway. Coupled with revenue grade metering made possible by Starline’s Critical Power Monitor, the system places actionable data at your fingertips, allowing you to make purposeful energy management decisions. This versatility makes Starline the ideal solution for data centers and mission critical environments that are looking to expand and have the ability to change layouts; or for those who would simply like to have these options available for the future. With its reliable, efficient design and unmatched adaptability, Starline Track Busway has grown into the industry standard for overhead power distribution.
  • Stultz

  • Comm/net Systems, Inc.

  • Comm/net Systems, Inc. provides high reliability power and infrastructure solutions for communications site applications. We manufacture Telecom grade AC and DC power source and distribution devices as well as providing complete in-house systems integration services for installation. Our EF&I division provides complete power system configuration and installation for UPS systems, generators, DC power systems, battery plants, inverters, and AC/DC power distribution components.

  • VoltServer patented Digital Electricity™ Solutions
    Digital Electricity™ solutions deliver touch-safe electricity where, when, and how it is needed, using off-the-shelf data cable, with reduced cost, faster installation, and greater distance, efficiency, intelligence, flexibility and resiliency....

  • VoltServer’s patented Digital electricity™ solutions are reinventing how electrical energy is distributed. Digital Electricity™ solutions deliver touch-safe electricity where, when, and how it is needed. Digital Electricity™ can be delivered using off-the-shelf data cable, at significantly reduced cost, and with greater installation speed, power, distance, efficiency, intelligence, resiliency and flexibility, when compared to competing electrical installations.  VoltServer’s Digital Electricity™ solutions are installed in over 500 large venues in 9 countries, delivering LTE/5G/WiFi, GPON, Ethernet, LED lighting, IoT, indoor agriculture, data center, and industrial process applications.
  • CE+T - HVDC Microgrid via ECI.
    Providing resilient and available power to the edge of the network are the main concerns today. HVDC Microgrid via CET’s ECI provides the solutions to address these concerns....

  • To distribute more power to the edge of the network, one of the best solutions is to use 380 Vdc centric power system. Today, many devices work perfectly with high-voltage DC (batteries, photovoltaic, etc.), but what about power converters? At CE+T Power, as a leader in the power conversion industry since 1934, we have developed ECI, a bi-directional power technology, with applications for micro-grid and high-voltage DC.  With innovative power converters, we are able to blend several energy sources along with any loads that need to be powered and secured. The uniqueness of ECI is based on its capability to deal with AC and DC power by adapting the ratio between both sources dynamically and in real time. This incredible feature brings the most convenient path to secure AC and DC loads with different energy sources with a single solution. The ECI technology provides maximized flexibility for your current and future needs. By choosing CE+T’s ECI for your HVDC Microgrid needs, you have made the right choice.

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