Scythe Robotics

Longmont,  CO 
United States
  • Booth: 801

Join Scythe in reinventing how we care for our green spaces

Let the mower do the mowing.

Scythe Robotics is pioneering innovation for the green industry with M.52: the all electric, fully autonomous commercial mower that multiplies what landscaping crews can do. M.52 is built from the ground up with an integrated, advanced sensor system that enables it to safely mow on its own, freeing up crews to perform higher value services on-site.

As it mows, M.52 collects and analyzes data to help you improve operations, streamline workflows, and identify upsell opportunities. M.52 is also equipped with an all-day battery for mowing with zero emissions, helping crews get more done more sustainably.

How to use M.52 

  • Map: Manually drive the perimeter once. M.52 remembers it for next time. 
  • Mow: Switch it to Scythe mode and send M.52 to mow on its own. 
  • Move on: Tackle high-value services on-site, load M.52 back into the truck, and move on to the next jobsite. 

Scythe Sight

Computer vision technology enables M.52 to see and safely respond to its surroundings in the same way a human operator would. M.52 can detect an obstacle, identify it, and take the proper action – all on its own.