Welcome to the Exhibitor Resource Center

We are excited you are exhibiting at Open Season Sportsman's Expo in Columbus, Ohio and look forward to working with you! All exhibitor information and resources are accessible here. We encourage you to review each section carefully as you prepare for the show and be aware of any discount and/or deadline dates provided.

All services should be ordered, paid for and confirmed directly through the individual service providers as indicated.

If you have general questions about the event, please contact:

Andrea Blood
Exhibitor Services Manager

General Information and Event Guidelines

Event Address:
Ohio Expo Center State Fairgrounds
Bricker Building
717 E 17th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43211
(614) 644-4000
(Exhibitor Entrance: North side of Bricker Bldg
near the loading docks, parallel to 17th Ave)

Venue Website / Venue Map

Booth Contract Terms & Conditions

Booth Line-of-sight Guidelines

Fire Safety, Firearms, Vehicle Display Requirements

Links to Important Event Information:

SCAM ALERT: Some companies will try to take advantage of your participation in events such as ours and we would like to alert you of current scams, phishing schemes and solicitations. As an exhibitor, you may be solicited by one or more fraudulent companies seeking your information or money. We work with approved contractors only and will never forward your details to third parties. Bonnier Events does not work with any travel agencies or third-party expo guides and we do not sell our attendee lists.

Exhibitors should work with only approved official show contractors and hotels listed on the event’s Exhibitor Resource pages. If you are contacted by a vendor directly and in doubt, please email exhibitorservices@bonniercorp.com and we'll be happy to verify if the company is an official vendor of the event. We value your participation at Bonnier LLC and will routinely update you on current scams and phishing schemes.